Performance ReHab Program

Performance Rehab Program.

Helping Eastern Suburbs women get back to training and their favourite sport.

Struggling with a painful injury that is hindering your training?

Do you need an effective plan to help you overcome limiting factors such as grip and core strength?

Are you finally ready to do something about it?



Located in Bondi Junction, this is the coaching program helping female athletes and dedicated trainers who want the very best from themselves:

  • Identify and fix the root causes of any painful injuries for good
  • Return safely to training and get back to doing what you love
  • Identify any muscular imbalances or weaknesses that may be holding you back
  • Improve your performance and training technique to prevent future injuries and increase your strength


If you are passionate about your sport or training and are struggling with an injury, this is the program to help you.


What Is This Program?

This is a training program, designed specifically to help dedicated women overcome injuries and technique issues that are stopping them from training and competing.

The program begins with a free 60 minute consultation, where we can discuss your injury in detail and cover everything you have tried so far.

Run inside a well equipped, semi-private studio, I can assess your training technique in house and see exactly where your issues are. Helping you to identify and fix technique issues on the spot.

We can also assess and improve any muscular imbalances you may have, so that you can return to training even stronger than before.


Apply now to claim a free consultation and assessment worth $100:



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Latest Testimonial

AJ Bhardwaj

2015 Melbourne International Open – 1st Place Under 94kg
2015 NSW Summer Cup – 1st Place Under 94kg

“As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, I am tested in all aspects of fitness. Though I have trained using various methodologies, what other trainers often neglected was my lack of foundational core and spinal strength.

Brian recognised these missing links in my current training, addressed the problem and devised a feasible plan to attack those weaknesses. I have noticed a difference ten fold in my fights especially the ability to maintain tough positions for longer periods and also being remain injury free.

Overall, Brian’s level of coaching, knowledge and support has been outstanding.”


About the Coach


Brian is an experienced coach with 10 years of helping clients and athletes overcome injuries and enhance their performance.

His goal is to help you find the safest and most effective way to get back into the training and sport you love.

He has a professional and friendly approach in helping you to overcome and understand clearly any limitations to your performance.