Peak Physique Program

12 Week Peak Physique Program.

The Training Program For Eastern Suburbs’ men who want to get shredded.


Sick of training hard and getting nowhere with your results?

This is the training program for men who want to:

  • Add 2-3kgs of rock hard muscle
  • Shed the fat around the abs
  • Train in a small and supportive group to hold you accountable all the way
  • And can train at 6am or 7am


Sessions are a full hour in length and run in small groups (4 people)

You will be coached 3-4 times a week and be pushed and supported to build the very best physique you can.

You’ll also get full nutritional planning and supplement advice, to help you get the most out of your training.

Each month we will take you through a 12 point bodyfat assessment, so that you can track exactly how much fat you have lost and how much muscle you have added.

There are no gym memberships to pay, simply pay for the coaching you receive.


So this is just another group training program?

No. This is something very different.

This is not a general work hard, get sweaty and get generally fit program.

This is a highly focused weight training program designed purely to add muscle and drop fat at the same time.

This program is ideal for men ready to be pushed hard in a gym, help support others to do the same and build a remarkable physique in the process.

If you are not ready to work hard with weight training to add muscle, this is not the program for you.

If you are ready to push yourself and finally make serious changes to your physique, apply for a spot below.


Apply now to claim a free consultation worth $100:



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Latest Testimonial

Chris Redmore



“After talking to Brian and undertaking a 6-week program designed by him exclusively for me, I managed to drop over 2% body fat and gain almost 3kgs of lean muscle mass (a rarity in this industry). The program was nothing radical, but simple effective movements coupled with slight adjustments to my daily nutrition intake that warranted such dramatic gains.

In my seven years of personal training and countless seminars, I have never met a more knowledgeable individual who is approachable, inspiring and can definitely get the results you are looking for – cosmetic, strength or rehab.

Brian has become hub of fitness education and continues to do so as I continue to get results from his guidance and programming.”

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