6 Week Physique Kickstart

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A no-bullshit program designed to get you on track to a serious physique.

Previous transformations:


Joey – Sydney CBD – shed 3% bodyfat in 6 weeks


Myles – 40 – shed 2% bodyfat and added 1 kg of muscle mass in 4 weeks


Andy – 33 – Shed 9% bodyfat and added 4kg of muscle mass in 12 weeks


Ritchie – 33 – Dropped 10% bodyfat in 12 weeks


This program is for men ready to:

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  • Work hard
  • Ditch the time wasting and bullshit excuses
  • Follow the plan


This program is not for:

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  • Princesses who don’t like to get sweaty and make muscles burn
  • Know-it-alls who want to spend more time debating than working
  • Bullshitters who will ditch the diet program and eat everything they can to destroy their results


This program includes

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  • Full workout plans and weekly schedule – know exactly how to train to make your muscles grow
  • Full nutrition plan – know exactly how to eat to build muscle and shed the gut
  • Three different training options to determine how hard you want to be pushed



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