12 Week Physique

[headline style=”1″ align=”left” headline_tag=”h2″]12 Week Peak Physique Program. [/headline]

For Eastern Suburbs’ men who want to get shredded this summer.


Sick of training hard and getting nowhere with your results?

This training program is for men ready to:

• Add 2-3kgs of rock hard muscle.
• Strip the midsection fat to carve out their abs.
• Have a sensible budget of at  $150-200 per week to work with one of Sydney’s leading trainers for male health and physique.

Spots are extremely limited and I only have 4 spots left on this programme.

To apply, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch if you meet the requirements:


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[headline style=”1″ align=”left” headline_tag=”h2″]Client Results[/headline]



Andy’s 10 week transformation after years of getting nowhere in the gym.


Joey’s 8 week shred to get ready for his holiday to Europe.


Ritchie’s 12 week transformation.


Russel’s 10 week transformation after leaving the marines due to injury and working around a torn bicep tendon.


Geoffrey’s 4 week shred in time for his holiday.


Myles – 4 week progress leading up to a Christmas holiday.


[headline style=”1″ align=”left” headline_tag=”h2″]Location[/headline]

Training sessions are run out of a small, private training room at Signature Fitness, 91 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

There are no distractions and no time wasted waiting to use equipment, we can simply get on with training you to your best physique.

[headline style=”1″ align=”left” headline_tag=”h2″]The Coach[/headline]


Brian is a coach and trainer with 10 years experience and a serious reputation for helping men get shredded and build the very best physique they can.

He prides himself on a no bullshit approach, just effective training, coaching and support to get you on track to some serious results.


[headline style=”1″ align=”left” headline_tag=”h2″]Application[/headline]

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