12 Week Transformation Program


12 Week Transformation Program


Sick of training hard and getting nowhere with your results?


The specialist training program helping Eastern Suburbs men and women:


  • Drop serious bodyfat and rebuild their strength and fitness levels.
  • For men: add 2-3 kgs of hard, lean muscle.
  • For women: tone and build a slender, leaner figure.
  • Who have a sensible budget of at least $150 per week to work with one of Sydney’s leading trainers for health and physique.

Spots are limited exclusively to 2 active slots at any time.
This program is ideal for those who want the very best coaching and support to help them completely transform their health and physique.

If that sounds like you, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a free 60 minute consultation to discuss your program and goals:



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Latest Testimonial – Chris Redmore

6 weeks to drop 2.7% bodyfat and gain 2.9kg of muscle mass.

“As a Personal Trainer I am always looking for new methods to better serve my clientele and although I give 100% to my members I find that my own training and nutrition can become stagnated, dull and lacking direction.

After talking to Brian and undertaking a 6-week program designed by him exclusively for me, I managed to drop over 2% body fat and gain almost 3kgs of lean muscle mass (a rarity in this industry). The program was nothing radical, but simple effective movements coupled with slight adjustments to my daily nutrition intake that warranted such dramatic gains.

In my seven (7) years of personal training and countless seminars, I have never met a more knowledgeable individual who is approachable, inspiring and can definitely get the results you are looking for – cosmetic, strength or rehab.

Brian has become hub of fitness education and continues to do so as I continue to get results from his guidance and programming.”


Previous Results


Andy’s 12 week transformation after years of getting nowhere in the gym.


Joey’s 8 week mini-shred to get ready for his holiday to Europe.

Jo, a busy mother with two kids and her own business, achieved some outstanding results in her 12 week challenge.


Ritchie’s 12 week transformation.


Russel’s 10 week transformation after leaving the marines due to injury and working around a torn bicep tendon.


Geoffrey’s 4 week shred in time for his holiday.


Myles – 4 week progress leading up to a Christmas holiday.



Signature Fitness, 91 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

Conveniently located in a 5 minute walk from Bondi Junction train station.

Training sessions are run out of a small, semi-private training room at Signature Fitness, 91 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

There are no distractions and no time wasted waiting to use equipment, we can simply get on with training you to your best physique.



The Coach


Brian is a coach and trainer with 11 years experience and a serious reputation for helping men and women build the very best physique they can.

He prides himself on a no bullshit approach; focusing on effective training, with the best coaching and support to get you on track to serious results.



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